Do you guys have the photos from Boston?

My father were very busy

His words went to my heart.

Piete and Matthias eat dinner together almost every evening.

Is there any hope whatsoever?

Kriton went to Boston to visit his uncle.

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You should trim your fingernails.

His absence gave birth to all sorts of rumors.

Obviously, he is to blame.

The author of the book is called Kitto.

He inserted the key in the lock.

Plastic and Cathryn have been friends since kindergarten.

I don't want to be known.


Which platform is the train for Boston?

We think, and this allows us to do the marvelous things that we do.

More time will be needed.

I feel awful about it.

Don't talk to her that way.

Which one is the department store?

Darci didn't sign the contract.

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You're so big.

It is ten degrees below zero now.

Anita just sat around while John and the others did all the work.

Kay isn't Deb's boyfriend anymore.

A passenger airplane took off for the USA.

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Tran didn't know that Kris was already dead.

That cost me a fortune.

Please tell me your name.


He shall be punished.

This does not make me happy.

I'm really irritable lately. My favorite soccer team is in a slump.

When you get married and have kids, you'll realize that actions speak louder than words.

The abandoned railway station is said to be haunted.

Vivek felt uneasy.

The population of Japan is larger than that of Britain.

Our lunch break's over.

Can you show me how to do this?


He plays on Thursdays.

That's the nicest thing anyone has done for me since I got here.

I drop off my children at school every morning before going to work.

You may not set up a roadside stall without prior notice.

Saqib told me he was thirty.

What did she say this time?

I'll get off at the next station.

You can't do that anymore.

I could not believe my eyes!

Normally, which discussion forums do French people use to talk about politics and similar things?

Did you understand what Molly was trying to say?

I come with myself.

Raja won't allow Darrell to go to the party with John.

No, I didn't see anyone.

Did you give birth at home or at a maternity hospital?

Does the school have a library?

The workers at Peggy's company are demanding shorter working hours.

Byron doesn't play baseball.

I love God.


His talent for dancing impressed everyone.


I bought a dog for Max.

Buy a book and read it.

What impression would I give if I wasn't present at his wedding?


I know you hired me.

Every large volume has problems with the binding.

I can't pay you today.

I am not surprised you're so taken aback.

Guns don't kill men.


My aunt will come here for a week.

We were seated at the supper table.

She had an ashy color.

A good idea came to me while taking a bath.

Without the slightest hesitation, he sold his own car.


I don't know why you listen to him.

I don't hit them.

You don't understand British humour.

You may not set up a roadside stall without prior notice.

The knife has a keen blade.

This idiot of Tracey should have guessed that the last word in this sentence would of course be for Maureen.

What color was Jochen wearing?

Does anyone here know French?

Are you wondering what we ended up doing?

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Please help me. I'm dying.

I'd like to study chemistry at college.

You're ambitious.

He got in the boat with the horse.

I liked the room overlooking the valley.

I knew Jess was good.

I've got good news and bad news.

How was that storm last night?

He was responsible for the car accident.

Tell Val to meet me in front of the post office.

I've lived in Boston three years.

Do you like basketball?

I asked my boss for a pay increase.


The blisters have formed scabs.

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Debbie is reading the sports page.

Donnie is hysterical.

I like maths.


Coffee beans are not beans, but seeds, and peanuts are not nuts, but beans.


Hamilton did not like Adams.

They will send us lumber.

Jeannette is probably scared.


I need to get my car washed.

I bought this at the train station.

He contributed a lot of money for the sake of art.

A white boat came into sight.

She advised him not to drink too much.

The dance had already started when I got there.

Toft was cranky last night.

I feel so much better now.

Margaret has canceled his party.

You can't be young.

He dedicated his book to his wife.

Maybe Seymour went shopping with Serdar.

I think that it was his mistake.


Dan is my new friend.

You can't worry about me anymore.

Do whatever it takes.

Deirdre has left for school.

Can you take me with you on the plane?


He introduced me to his daughter.


The Japanese language plays an important role in promoting world peace.

Srikanth'll stay.

He lacks motivation.


I changed my name to Sho Jackson.


Donovan might want to consider staying at home today.

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I guess I'll have to try harder.


He did not abide by his promise.


Serdar is at most 13 years old.

Please be quiet and let me finish.

Shawn walked through the town.


The police brawled with the demonstrators.

Clarissa says he'll be sticking around after the meeting.

Tahsin can swim.

What's your favorite iPhone app?

Dick used to be a professional baseball player.

As soon as Lester finished eating, he left for work.

I'm sorry I doubted you.

You must not talk to him.

Alf and Denis both looked busy.

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A friend of mine called on me at my office.

Tell me which one to choose.

It is of little consequence to me.

I really want Krzysztof near me.

That was when I started going to the pool for exercise.


If I knew him better, I would tell him the truth.

Why did he change his plans?

You don't want that, do you?

She would go with him to Washington.

Why are you biring your hand?

Hey. Where are you going?

That was absolutely unnecessary.


Rajesh bought some squirrelfish for his aquarium.

Casper resisted the temptation to lean over and kiss Hillel.

The flag of the Czech Republic is almost the same as that of the Philippines.

They moved ahead slowly.

Brent is my enemy.

He forced me to go.

Get ready for some action.

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Home is where the heart is.

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And if I had an opinion, I wouldn't tell it to you.

I lost consciousness.

She nodded in response to my question.

We've got some celebrating to do.

I'd like to go back to the office.

We don't have a lot in common.

I was talkative.


You look happy.

I prefer fish to meat.

Irfan was covered in blood.